Benefits for CDL Jobs

Driver Benefits

Legacy Transportation is committed to its drivers. We know that giving a driver the opportunity to live and work in the way they prefer is key to keeping good drivers in our fleet. That's why we offer one of the industry's best list of benefits. We know that be benfitting drivers, drivers benefit our customers and that's how we stay at the top of the industry.

Signing Bonus
Legacy turns away a great deal of freight, to service our customers and handle the excess freight we need additional owner operators. To encourage owner operators to give Legacy a chance we are currently offering a $1,500 signing bonus to new owner operators. To receive the bonus an owner operator recieves $500 on first load and is required to work for 3 months. Payout on the bonus will be made after the 3 months of work.
We Pay 80% of Gross Revenue
Legacy pays 80% of the gross revenue on each load to the owner operator, rather than paying by the mile. This gives Legacy owner operators the opportunity to make much more than the average driver. Legacy has lift gate freight and other freight contracts that pay very well, 80% of that is passed on to the owner operator. When Legacy wins big the driver wins really big.
Generous Fuel Surcharges
Legacy also passes on 80% of any fuel surcharge to the driver. Most of Legacy’s freight contracts include a fuel charge matrix. With Legacy’s fuel discounts the fuel surcharge often more than covers the increase in fuel, giving the owner operator the opportunity to make even more money.
Additional pay for multiple stops
Lift gate freight tends to be freight that requires multiple stops. A typical lift gate load includes 4 to 5 stops. Legacy’s contracts include additional pay for each stop. The additional pay is passed on to the owner operator. This can be a significant amount of money on lift gate loads.y.
No Escrow Account
Many trucking companies require owner operators to maintain an escrow account many times for $1,000. Legacy does NOT require owner operators to maintain an escrow account.
48 hour Settlements
Settlement begins when the owner operator submits a trip packet to the dispatchers. The trip packet includes the proof of delivery, fuel receipts, and any other supporting paperwork for the trip and can be submitted in person, by fax, by email, through the mail, or by express shipment. If the trip packet is received in the dispatch office prior to 3:00 p.m. the trip will be settled and payment made the same day. Payment is made by direct deposit, so payment is in the owner operators bank account the following morning. Payment is actually made within 24 hours, however should a problem occur it may take up to 48 hours.
Legacy has never failed to pay a driver timely due to lack of funds. Legacy has cash reserves and makes a very serious commit to always have funds available to pay drivers within the 48 hour time period.
Company Fuel Card
Legacy contracts with two fuel card companies: Fleet one and Tcheck to provide fuel cards to owner operators. Both offer fuel discounts however the Fleet One card provides deep discounts. Fuel expenses are deducted from the 80% payment for the trip at the time of settlement. This means if an owner operator chooses to use a company fuel card they do not have to have the cash to pay for fuel up front.
No forced dispatch
Legacy has a culture that respects owner operators as business men and women and considers the relationship as a relationship between business partners, not an employer to employee relationship. our contracted owner operators are business partnersOwner operators choose their freight and amount of time they want to spend working
High-Paying Freight
Approximately 50% of Legacy’s loads are high paying lift gate loads. As a result, our drivers make more hauling less than they do at other companies. We've learned to keep not only our trucks full, but full of high-paying freight
Trailers available for lease
Need a trailer? Legacy has lift gate and non-lift gate trailers available for lease. We'll work with you to make sure you have the equipment you need to earn what you want to earn.
Fuel network discounts
Legacy’s Fleet One fuel cards provide deep discounts on fuel through a large national network
Vehicle registration
Initial vehicle registration and renewals are managed by Legacy so you don't have to worry about the paperwork. Just an extra service we provide to make sure you can focus on the important parts of being a driver: Driving.
Fuel tax preparation
Legacy offers assistance in preparing and filing Fuel tax returns. We know that paperwork is time-consuming, sometimes confusing and no one's favorite thing to do, so we help our drivers to make sure they get the maximium tax benefit for fuel.
Physical damage and liability insurance
Legacy can help drivers get physical damage and liability insurance plans provided at a competitive rate. We know you don't want to unnessesarily increase your liability and we dont' want it either. We'll help you get into a competitive plan that helps you minimze your liabiltiy and maximize your financial return.
Occupational accident insurance
Just like other insurances listed here, Legacy can help with occupational accident insurance plans available at a competitive rate. Let us help you minimze your libailtiy and maximize your financial return.
Monthly online safety training
Some companies don't count safety as a benefit, but we do because we take it seriously. Part of our committment is giving you the best training to make sure you stay safe on the road and come back to the ones you love. That's why Legacy stays up to date on the latest regulations to help avoid problems with federal and state requirements, but we also help train our drivers to drive safely. Safety is a top priority with us and so we proudly list it as a benefit to our drivers. A new online safety course is provided each month, and we'll help review your safety plan individually with you as needed to make sure you have everything you need to know.